Jesse Breedlove, our founder and grandfather, was a sharecropper in the 1920s. He followed the weather and harvests to East Texas where he founded Breedlove Nurseries in 1927. Like many other local nurserymen, his primary crop was roses. Together, they put Tyler on the map as the "Rose Capital".

The following generations of Breedloves all lent a hand to carry on Jesse's legacy. You can find their names etched on metal leaves hanging from a 60-year-old Chinese Holly. We affectionally call it the "Tree of Life". Today the nursery and landscape company is managed by Paul and Laurie, both horticulturists with degrees from Texas A&M University.

Paul grew up at the nursery, roaming here and there until he was old enough to get on a tractor. He worked side-by-side with many field hands. Over time he learned the value of hard work and the tools of the horticultural trade. Early on he understood the rhythms of work, weather, rain, and sun.

Laurie's childhood was spent on military bases where houses and landscapes all looked alike. This spurred a different design aesthetic that led her to garden making. Later, she worked alongside her father who was an early pioneer in hydroponic greenhouse crop production.

Paul and Laurie consider it an honor to carry on the work others have started because they believe that creating beauty in outdoor spaces is a high calling.

And they are surrounded by an incredible workforce, beginning with their staff: Andy, registered landscape architect; Chantelle, landscape designer; Cynde, landscape architect; Debra, landscape designer; Karen, landscape designer; Kyle, head irrigation crew chief; Kirk, spray crew chief; Nestor, nursery stock procurement; John, property maintenance manager and Jeremy, grounds and inventory logistics manager.

Each crew is endowed with craftsmen, all equipped for every task they perform. Most have tenure with us going on 15-20 years, and we consider them family. Our retail staff is trained, talented and ready to help. We all work together to create beauty on your property.

Need a little inspiration? Visit our 4-acre destination nursery in Tyler, TX. Ready to own the landscape you've to this point only dreamed about? Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced design professionals. Tired of wasting time and money trying to revive a landscape that looks like a shadow of its former glory? Talk with us about our automated irrigation systemand property maintenance services.



The year grandfather Stallings was appointed first Agricultural County Agent in Texas.


The year our founder, Jesse Breedlove, stopped sharecropping & started growing roses.


The years we advertised mail order roses on Grand Ole Opry radio show.


The retirement age of John McKenzie, our oldest employee.


Miles of pipe installed by our irrigation team.


Plants at Breedlove nursery at any given time.


Years of planting happiness for thousands of happy customers!