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Welcome to the Breedlove Nursery & Landscape website. Our hope is that you will see beyond the words and photos to the heart of who we are and how we can bring beauty to your doorstep. As our founder, Jesse Breedlove, said, "beauty is our business," and 90+ years later, we couldn't agree more.

We're nurserymen. We know the soil and the cycles of nature. We're landscape architects. We understand the beauty of nature and how it relates to structures and people. By combining these two disciplines, we achieve for you an outdoor space that results in a timeless landscape that will thrive for years. Multidisciplinary projects are our specialty. Our staff is licensed, certified, talented, trained and energetic, and we're eager to help.

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I love this place. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They have what you'd expect a nursery to have as far as seasonal flowering plants, but also a huge selection of roses, azaleas, shrubs, and trees.


Our nursery

What will you find when you visit our plant nursery? Inspiration greets you at the front door of and follows you through 4 acres of beauty. From flowers to showering shade trees to pathways to garden structures, you'll find all kinds of beautiful features. We even have statues and fountains on display. Tillie, the shop dog, may join you and the chickens certainly will too. You can browse beautiful encore azaleas, Japanese maples, camellias, and more.

Come enjoy our plant nursery today to get inspired.